N26 - My Head is Being Turned


I’ve been a Starling Customer since last August and I am / was planning to switch all of my banking over to Starling when the joint accounts land.

@Richard_Gregory sent me some N26 info. At first I dismissed it as I love Starling. But, increasingly I’m starting to think more about N26 and what benefits does it bring over Starling once it launches in the UK.

I feel like I’ve been having a dirty affair and about to be caught. Please help me decide which is the better offering and tell me the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of each. Why am I even looking at N26 (the bit on the side) when Starling (the wife) is extremely reliable and does almost everything I need it to do? :man_facepalming:t2:


Shame on you


I’m planning to switch everything from Starling to N26 when they launch in the UK. From what I’ve seen, Starling seems better in many ways, but the fact that N26 have a web interface outweighs any other differences for me.


I like the fact you can get a MasterCard Debit card and a Maestro Debit card, but with the speed of Starling’s developments, their range of contactless payment methods, the planned launch of Euro accounts, I will be sticking with Starling.


Yep it seems Starling Bank are so far, ignoring tablet/iPad apps and/or a Web interface.

I don’t understand but I hope they can at least say they intend to design one


I have had an N26 account (EUR account in Germany) and my experience was terrible.

Their implementation of Mastercard SecureCode is abysmal. You use their app to approve a card payment. Unfortunately, I had a bad internet connection while purchasing online and the approval process kept timing out, and eventually, the web site timed out.

I also found their UI far too simplistic and lacking in any detail, there are no merchant logos and the whole app just seems to be trying to sell things to you.

Even the account closure procedure didn’t impress. They actually required paperwork to be printed, completed, signed and returned. Very FinTech!

As for the positives, the debit card looked amazing. :slight_smile:

Although, my experience was almost a year ago - things may have improved.


That’s a shame to hear - I have high hopes but actually haven’t used them.

This doesn’t bother me at all really - I actually quite like the minimal UI I’ve seen in screenshots…

…but this would send me running away very quickly.


This is exactly what I wanted to hear! I was hoping someone would make me see sense.


Gasp - a banking philanderer is amongst the community.


Yep same reason - N26 seem to have the basics sorted.


N26 isn’t the best of the new banks about, but it works well.

It’s definitely aimed at a European market with the whole design, simple works. However in the UK we tend to like more complicated, more detail so most of us probably see the app as basic.


We live in a world of choices from which strawberry jam to buy to which bank to use. Someone can always make their choice seem more appealing than yours.

If Starling is meeting all of your needs as a bank, then you’re good to go. If it’s missing a critical function for you, fair enough look at what else is available. There’s always going to be something bright and shiny to catch your eye. Do you want to be constantly changing banks?


Will probabaly open an N26 and maybe use them as a backup account, I’m happy enough with starling and it wouldn’t hurt having a second account somewhere else.


not sure which continental banks you’ve used but I’m a customer of Spanish and German banks and their web interface is miles ahead anything I’ve used in the UK.


If you do end up trying N26 please let us know how you get on. I’m pretty much guaranteed to try them out at some point (just can’t help myself) but would love to hear your thoughts before I get round to it.


I should have explained explicitly I suppose, I’m not on about the web interface of banks.


LoooooL, made my morning