My story with Starling Bank


Hey guys!

I found this community forum first after Ewan from CS helped me with a question I had. I love to see a bank that cares!
I have first come to England three months ago, owning only one Bank Account ever in a German Bank (an internet bank called Comdirect). Coming from abroad (Argentina) I needed to open a bank account to be able to receive my first salary. I tried Lloyds, Natwest, Barclays, Santander… and then I realised I was super screwed.
I needed to present either, a Bank Statement, or a Bill in my name. Now, to get either of those I needed a Bank Account first. And to get a flat where this bill would be sent, I needed a bank from the UK where I could sent deposit and other fees… (all good apartments I tried to get requested that…).
Then around the 2nd week of my employment, something magical happened. The very Anne Boden came to our Office and offered us codes to make an account at Starling Bank (they were at the time in the floor below us at Norfolk House).
I tried ti create my account, but again, I needed that one Bank Statement…
Week 3… still had no account (and I was staying in a hotel at the time). HR told me to get to HSBC with a letter they had given me so I could create an account. At the end, it worked! And I did have that account… for 2 weeks which was enough to receive a Bank Statement and get my Starling Bank account, moved my money over and closed the HSBC account.
I can’t explain how amazing it is not to have to write the “3rd, 7th and 9th digit of my password”.
I still have to try it in my travel season (Going to the US, Mexiko, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Germany and Italy for work in Q4) and see that it works over there as well.
Happy to be part of this community and looking forward to chatting with you all!

Have a great Weekend



Thank you for posting and welcome to Starling. I hope we live up to everything you hope for and when we don’t let us know. We are at the start of a journey and with the help of this community, we will get better and better, solving more real problems for real people.

I am very proud to be part of this community and thank you for your support.


Welcome. I’m glad you managed to sort it all out. :slight_smile:

I hope you continue to enjoy the community and take part.


Hi @lordsp, and welcome

Now that you’re one of us, feel free to add to that growing knowledge-base of Starling card usage in other countries. Keep us in the loop :+1:


Nice to have you on board. This community is really nice and people bring up some interesting topics and ideas of ways to do things.