My card was declined, why?


A number of things could have caused this if, having worked through this checklist, you’re still in the dark please contact Customer Service in app who can address your case specifically.

  • You may not have enough money in your account to cover the transaction or, if applicable, it may have pushed you beyond your overdraft limit;
  • You would have exceeded your daily spending limit, maximum transaction size or number of transactions - these limits can be found in app under the Card section;
  • Your card has been locked, either in app by you (in which case you can unlock it if you wish in the Card section) or by us if you’ve entered an incorrect PIN a number of times;
  • If we think someone else might be using your card fraudulently, we might put a stop to the payment to protect you;
  • You may have entered the wrong CVV number, in which case please try again;
  • You may have entered an address (for online payments) which is different to the registered address of your account, please check;
  • Your card may have expired in which case we should have sent you out a new one to replace it;
  • There are a small number of ATMs that are only members of the LINK network and not Mastercard.