Multiple/Second accounts


Is it possible…or will it be possible soon…to have a 2nd seperate current account?

If I want 1 that me and my partner (or a few hosuemates if I had a few) put money into with a standing order…and all our shared direct debits, standing orders, and debit card payments/cash withdrawals come from?


Starling are looking into some sort of joint / connected accounts. This has been discussed in the past but the details of what this would look like when released is currently not known. We also do not know any time frames. But it’s definitely something that is being looked into.


I would even settle for a shared virtual/digital card that you could use between people. Load it up or use it for bills.


+1 for separate second accounts.
(not shared, forced pots or whatever else).


I would love this!
It certainly would make DD’s and then available cash to spend more manageable!


+1 for a multiple accounts - I’m currently using Starling for “pocket money” and Monzo for income/Direct Debits. Would be more than happy to switch Monzo for another Starling account. Separate accounts makes budgeting that bit easier.

Ideally this would be as well as a joint account - switch all the accounts to Starling!


Joints are on the roadmap but its silent on the second account front.

Aprox 25% of uk people have a second account
Aprox 1/3 have a joint account.

Meh… Singlism :laughing: