Multiple Cards for sole traders



Hi all i currently use Cash plus as my sole trader business account and starling as my personal account.

I would swap to starling for my business account if i could have multiple cards for users of the account this is something that cash plus currently offers and i find very useful.

If this could be added to the list of must have’s that would be great.



Hi Simon,

A possible solution for you until this is available would be for your staff to sign up for Curve cards and add the Starling Business MasterCard to each account.


(Note, we each receive £5 if you sign up using that link.)


HI Dan,

Thanks for that I already have a few curve cards and have found a number of issues with this especially when it comes to paying for fuel etc. and they are not linked to a central place / account.



Hi Dan. Just as an FYI… you cannot link a card to more than one Curve account, so sadly in this case it worldn’t work as you might hope.


Ah, I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks for letting me know :+1:t2: