Multiple Business (Ltd Company) Accounts


Hi, I love the idea and the set up of Starling Bank so signed up for one of my Limited Companies As I own two, i couldn’t figure out how to set up the second company on there.
Speaking to the customer service team i found out it’s not possible to have more than one company per person.

I can understand for personal accounts, however limited companies are separate legal entities - Starling need to accommodate for directors who may own more than one company. At worst it should be separate log in details for each business, if not able to combine two businesses under one log in, but not to allow it at all is not good at all.

Having multiple banks is not helpful or efficient in running businesses, so I’d like my banking relationship to be with Starling, but at the moment this is just not possible, which is a massive let down.


I can’t!


even revolut lets you have multiple individual UK and SEPA accounts. with a sort code from prepaid technology ltd though.


I say i understand only because not all banks let you have more than one current account…but of course those that do (BoS/TSB…dare i mention that bank) you can see them on one account.


but Starling is a fintech, not a below average legacy bank and 1:1 between user and account number is unacceptable.


As a Director of a number of business, I must admit, this would be helpful for me…

Security is a big concern, of course… And my primary concern, truth be told. Convenience is secondary to that.

I completely get the access control restrictions and dev work required in order to make this work effectively. Tiered access, appropriate KYC etc.

But it would be helpful to have my personal account and multiple LTD entities from the one app (at some point in the future). So long, as I said, as it is appropriately secure and divisionalised.


currently the solution is to have a different phone number for each. In my mind that makes it less secure, not more.


Can someone from Starling give us a rough ETA for this? It’s frustrating to be told “soon” when “soon” can mean anything from tomorrow to probably never. Q3? Q4? Next year?


I agree. I have moved one of my companies over to Starling which is new and practically inactive (in fact just a company for my freelance work), to get a feeling for things. I like what I’m seeing and may be interested in moving my other, more busy companies across.

I would therefore definitely like to see support for both separate company accounts and multiple accounts per company. We need to multiple accounts per company (and per personal account actually) to organise funds, for example I like to keep corporation tax saved in an account which cannot be accessed by debit card.