Multiple Business accounts


Is there any way to make more than 1 business account?
I have 2 companies, and I was hoping to use Starling for both of them.
I’ve set 1 up, but I can’t find an option to open the second.



Good question! Right now it’s very much one personal account, and one business account on your device.
We are certainly exploring options to meet your needs, but this is some time away. Hang in there, and keep those ideas coming through @hologfx :slight_smile:


I didn’t try with Starling app, but works all other Banks app: install the app second time as a clone in Android phone.
Hope this helps!


If you have a second phone you could register your additional business on that one, not ideal I know, but is an option.


This is a feature I would really like to have. A separate account for storing tax money etc. So under the same business but 2+ accounts.


Earlier this week, when getting support for a problem, I raised this issue… to be told ‘it’s on its way, though we have no date’.

It’ll certainly be useful to me, as I have more than one company.