Multiple Accounts Per Payee Reference Issue


As I understand it I can have more than one account linked to a payee and each account should have their own personae payment reference (e.g paid from Starling).

I’m finding that each account uses the same reference of the ‘starred’ or first account under a payee and as such I am required to manually change the payment reference every time I make a payment as this is not saving.

Is this a known issue? I am on iOS using the latest firmware.


Hi Tom, regardless of what payee account you are paying, the first time you enter your reference, and from there on you are prompted to use one of your references (or one of the recommended ones).

I just tested this on iOS.

If you are still seeing different behaviour, please get in touch with our CS team from the app.

Meanwhile, have a nice weekend.


I’ve just switched the priority of the accounts and it appears that all three accounts use the same payee reference as the first account.

This is an issue as my credit card payee reference is the card number and now is using a different reference by default.

For example:

Account 1 - reference a
Account 2 - reference b
Account 3 - reference c

All accounts use reference a instead of their own personal reference.


Hi @TomPurcell

Have you picked this up with Customer Services?


This entire payments set up has long been ill thought out. I raised it as an area for improvement in August last year. If Starling looks at how First Direct and RBS do this, they’ll see just how deficient their (revised) way of doing it really is.

I make no apology for pointing this out. If you’re going to be a challenger bank, you need to challenge and improve on what legacy banks already offer.