Multiple accounts on one card


If Starling ever allow multiple accounts perhaps we can link them to the one card.

Dutch bank ‘bunq’ let you link 2 accounts to the same card with 2 separate PINs.

I have seen before 2 accounts linked to one card where you select the account from a menu on the POS or ATM but selecting it by using different PINs is a much better idea


Personally I don’t actually get the point of multiple accounts and same card, but different pins.

To me that is over complicating something. You could just transfer the money to that account in a few clicks on an app. You are still using the same card, just transferring money onto that card from the other account, which is what I do with my main accounts.


Single point of failure?

Lose one card and lose access to both accounts :thinking:


Not sure if Starling do tiered interest. I had a savings account with another bank some time ago. They allowed friends and family to open individual accounts up to a certain number. The accounts were independent from each other, but were under the same umbrella when it came to interest. The total combined balance determined what tier toynfell into for interest. These were savings accounts though, and not a current account.


Go to the app:

Account management -> Legal documents -> interest rates for the current position.

Starling is a current account which pays on credit balances. It doesn’t offer a savings account.


You’re quite right @Graham, but with the impending arrival of goals it’s looking to be a hybrid of both. Like many here I’m loving the idea of goals, but what would be even better would be a better rate of interest.

0.5% up to £2000, then dropping to 0.25% isn’t going to set the world alight. For convenience it’s a great start, but for serious savings most folk are going to look elsewhere - you can easily achieve 1% (whoopee do!) and as much as 5% for regular savers.

We need to see what the team come up with I guess.


Still better than Nationwide e-savings % 0.1


Nationwide’s rate is a bit insulting considering they’re always droning on how great they are to their members!

A regular saver account is a basic for me, just about every bank has one, and I would want one with Starling as well, even if it’s through the marketplace. A selection of other savings accounts (fixed & variable) wouldn’t go amiss either. A said a minimum rate of 1% would be a start, anything less and people (me included) will just shop elsewhere.


I was more waiting for the market place to kick in allowing Starling customers access to the best savings schemes on the streets

This is how I thought Starling would move forwards with loans, savings and possibly mortgages