Multi-Director / PSC Business Accounts


any update to having multiple director ltd companies?

Any news on Ltd Co support?

Hi! We don’t have a date to share currently but it’s definitely in the works and we’re looking to have these live in the next few months. It’s a priority! :smiley:


I’ve added myself to the waiting list for a multi-director account too. I currently have a personal account with Monzo, but since they’re not going to be offering a business account in the near future Starling looks like it might be a good option for our business.

At this stage, what’s the proposed arrangement for multi-director accounts? Will every director (or person with significant control) be named on the account, or will there be an option to limit the account to only those individuals with a need to access/spend the business’ funds?


I just want a business account and a personal account…


Any update on a timescale for multi-director accounts? I’m champing at the bit to get going…


multi-director business accounts seem closely related to personal joint accounts launched yesterday so I guess they are going to be next, @JamesPratley?


I hope you’re right Alejandro!


Absolutely right - now that we can support multiple people accessing one account we hope to be rolling this out soon! I’ll provide further updates if I can :slight_smile:


Any news? I thought multi-director limited company accounts would be up and running by now…



Just looking into this for you :slight_smile:


Hi @Jack_0z

As James mentioned this is still very much a priority for us however will probably be released closer to the end of this calendar year. We have a big backlog of work for business accounts in their current format so just want to focus on these optimisations and enhancements first.

Cheers, Jason.


:frowning: so keen to switch my new business account to Starling but this wait is agonising … hopefully i can at least get my personal account set up soon as i set up another business account first so can’t have a personal one yet