MSE Banking App Poll


Came across this banking app poll on Twitter from Money Saving Expert. Some interesting results, although nice to see good results for Starling so far.


Nice find, I’ve just voted :+1:t2:


Me too, monzo ahead by the looks of it


Looking at the results so far, I’m not surprised by them. For high street banks, Lloyds and Barclays do allow you to do a lot in app. Not sure about Natwest I don’t use it as it’s validation processes are complicated at times.

Monzo and Starling winning from the challenger banks which makes sense, Atom is horrendous so not surprised by that either.


Why anyone would vote ‘Not Worth Using’ for either the Starling or Monzo apps just bewilders me!


More than half the times I ever attempted to log into Atom it would point blank fail. I absolutely hated having to manage that account.


How 16 people thought Atom’s app has lots of features really baffles me it literally doesn’t do anything. My fixed term saver just sits there you can’t do anything with it other than look at it and move bubbles around which I really feel doesn’t count as a feature.


The Atom app is atrocious