Moving to Starling


I just want to share a ‘light bulb’ moment with you all.

Myself and my husband have been personal account holders with Starling for about 6 months now, using the accounts for our own spending whilst keeping our joint account with Lloyds. Over the last month we decided to move our joint account to First Direct as we’d heard some good things about them. Wish we didn’t bother. Complete disappointed.

  1. Took them over three weeks to open the joint account.
  2. Way too much paperwork. I thought this was a direct bank? It was ridiculous the mail they sent.
  3. Their security is beyond tedious. I had about ten memorable password/names etc. Too much.
  4. You call them and they go on and on… Way too much talking.
  5. Once the joint account was opened we wanted to open up two joint savings accounts. Did this over the phone but for whatever reason they first had to be opened as a sole account first. Told a simple form would be sent out to sign. Once signed the sole saving accounts would be linked to become joint savings accounts. Received forms and they wanted certified documents. But we were already customers? What the…

Called them to explain the obsurdity of it. We were already customers. Why do you need certified documents? And was fobbed off with a ‘thats how it is…’ Well I’m not going to my GP to get a form certified when I’m already a customer.

No idea how this bank gets the recommendations it does and well I don’t really want to chat on the phone with someone from Leeds for an hour…(as nice as they are)… It’s all too old fashioned.

Long and short. We opened our Starting apps and signed up for a joint account. Already open. We’ve got our joint savings (goals)… too. All in 30 seconds!

First Direct really hasn’t moved beyond 1985! I’m looking forward to banking with Starling in 2018!



At long last somebody that feels the same way as I did

Had the same experience with FD and subsequently moved away again


I’ve never seen a post with nigh on 30 :heart:️ before. Struck a chord, @ITG :grinning:


My neighbour was around last night for a few beers while her other half was working away for the week. We got chatting about finances and subsequently joint accounts.

She mentioned that in the previous year they’ve had barely any opportunities to get and open a joint account. Obviously I told her all about Starling and she signed up for her personal account there and then, with a plan to open a joint account as soon as they can.

It’s the simplicity of being able to open accounts from your sofa that is going to get people using Starling long term.


Their customer service is the best I’ve experienced for pretty much any company. Their call queue times are incredibly short too… In fact, I’m not sure I ever queued with them.

I almost instantly regretted leaving them as the bank I switched to, who have a good reputation for their customer service, had me queuing in calls for a long time and generally unhelpful and unenthusiastic treatment when I finally got to speak with someone.

However, the amount of paper they send borders on appalling, accounts take too long to set up (my switch to them was far from 7 days, they wouldn’t start it for about 2 weeks after I joined) and their online and mobile services are outdated, almost as though they’re still a phone bank first and online a distant second.

I left them, probably wouldn’t go back. Unfortunately they’re lacking in the areas that are very important to me, and their strengths aren’t essential to me as I don’t take advantage of them enough.


I’ve just moved my business account from Yorkshire Bank (which are on a slash and burn and have rolled out a non working “update” to online-banking).

Specifically with regards to the Android app, I’ve had several issues one which was major and prevented my switch early on. It’s been reasonably stable since but issues do exist. Yesterday I kept receiving 403 errors and had to delete the App data and set up again to clear them. Most of my emails have gone unanswered which is worrying.

The forced app update should be toned down. Correct versioning should allow for force upon critical changes rather than imposing the “beta” changes on all users.

The device ID feature is incorrectly implemented, if you install a new ROM it registers as a new device and over 5 devices locks you out. Online chat were quick to resolve.

Checking whether a device is rooted is pointless, it doesn’t reduce Starling’s liability. Anyone can be using a stock “Android 5” ROM riddled with bugs while a latest Lineage ROM will be secure as can be. It would be much better if Starling detected potential security threats such as kernel revision, SSL library version, root detection and displayed a liability acceptance warning.