Moving from Android to iOS


Hi everyone!

First of all, I’ve been super impressed with the service so far. My switch completed with no hassles at all, and my wages were paid into my new account on time this morning, so that’s great!

However, I’ve lost my Android device that I had set up my account on, and I’ve bought an iPhone SE to replace the device. What’s the best way to get the account transferred over?


I had similar when my Android device had to be factory reset due to corruption. Just install the app on the new device, and I think it asks if you have the previous device to hand. If you say no, it just goes through a verification process, and sends a text to your new phone. Was really simple as I recall.


Hey Keith,

Did you change your phone number as well?

If not, just download the app. Once you’re in, tap “I already have an account” and after that, “I don’t have my old phone”.


I’ve had to buy a temporary SIM with a different network until I can get a replacement sim from my current network. I’m not sure if that complicates things.


In that case, when you can, give us call, the number is on your card.

We will need to change the phone number on your account so you can log in.


I’ve managed to find my old phone, which is a relief! I’ll still be transferring to iOS though.


In my opinion, the iPhone SE is the perfect size for a phone. I’m not massively keen on these phablet’s that seem all the rage, although I know I am in the minority these days. So that’s a good choice @Keith_Cleaver - long may it be your companion (loaded with your Starling Apple-Pay debit card of course)!


Steve Jobs thought the same :wink:


Just to update everyone: The “lost” phone was found! I’m sticking with the iPhone SE however, and gifting my old phone to someone. I’ve popped my SIM from my old phone into the iPhone, and everything has worked well with it so far. My Starling account was re-set up with no issues, and the app offered to automatically add my Debit Card to the wallet.

Really impressed with my iOS experience thus far.


That’s great news. :slight_smile:


Iphone SE a good choice, I think it as a classic with modern internals. I am now hooked on the plus and can’t go any smaller screen wise.


Glad it’s gone smoothly