Moving Direct Debits with Partial Switch


I’ve just opened my Starling account - is there way to switch just some direct debits during the switching service?



Yep, that’s just what the partial switch option is for. If you’re on iOS, that’s a goer. Not sure where Android is though. Others will know.


Thanks, yes on iOS so sounds like a goer! So you just choose the one’s to switch?


Yes, but I can’t remember how that looks as I did the full switch. Any reason you aren’t fully switching?


Couple I want to keep with First direct for now until I sort out mortgage/credit card etc.


I done a partial switch from Nationwide and selected the Direct Debits I wanted to transfer. My Nationwide account remained open. Hope this helps.


I don’t think a partial switch can be done on Android yet.


Thanks for all the replies, i’m on iOS so looks straightforward.


Excellent - go switch (as they say :grinning:)


Any plans to get this on android? This is an annoyance with Starling being app only. Generally some things are OS specific in apps but everyone had a website they can access to achieve parity.

If you’re staying app only you should release features for both apps at the same time. Not just one of them.


Hopefully @sarah.guha can confirm when it will arrive for Android. The app parity with Starling is probably one of the best to be honest.

Any particular reason you don’t want to fully switch?


I’m in the process of doing my own switch myself ( android user).
I can’t shut my legacy bank down yet as I quite often have cash I need to pay in at my local post office.
Having to attend my nearest Natwest and then wait for the funds to be credited is a right royal pain in the bum.
It will go when Starling have the post office cash deposit facility.


I bring good news. We’ve added the partial switch feature to our latest release in the Google Play store :smiley: @simonhunter87 @DoubleSocks @Joe_Merriman

You’ll need to choose the ‘Just Payments’ option for a partial switch.


Excellent news for our Android users. Thanks @alexandra