Moving Direct Debits from Joint Account to Starling


Ok im in the process of moving a joint account over to another bank because of the reward interest paid on balance and monthly reward. Though got stumped as I had to apply as an individual online then go into the branch to add my partner to it (really this day and age) to be told i have to make an appointment… any way i digress.

I thought came to me if i wanted to move all my DD and standing order to starling which do not do or plan to do joint accounts in the present sense. How would i achieve this as apparently you cannot move DD and SO from a joint to a single account?

Do i have to make the joint account I am using to a single account, (if possible) then do the transfer? or is there will there be another way


Hi Lawrence,

Thanks for your question. If you want to use the full or partial Current Account Switch Service, you would need to do that from a single-person current account, that’s right. If you can change your joint account, that could work. Alternatively, you could do this manually - sadly that’s not ideal.



See also my post in an existing thread (and the rest of the thread obviously!)


What’s exciting here is that you have a choice and as such can choose what suits you

In this instance maybe Starling is simply not right just yet

However keep watching for those exciting updates


Starling will be right for me when i can get DD from a pot/goal and I’m already in the process of changing the joint account into a single account in preparation for Starling to get pot goal DD function in place. I will probably always have 5 DD’d in a separate account so I can take advantage of the bribes sorry offers that other banks have running from time to time.