More transaction details


My main reason for contacting support is to get more details about a transaction, because Starling doesn’t show the same details as a legacy bank might.

Why can’t there be a “more details” button when viewing a transaction that lets us see the complete details that customer support can see, to avoid the hassle and support requests?


Hi @sendu - which extra details would you like to see? Thanks!


All of them. The raw everything. Why hide it from us if we want to see the details? Only if we have all the information do we then avoid contacting support to ask them if there’s more information.

But to give a specific example, I just wanted to know who charged me. Pretty simple, right? But for reasons still unknown to me, some random name appears in the transaction list and it takes a support request to find out the real merchants name.

Let’s avoid this in future?


I believe this is coming in a future update.

@sarah.guha Any time frame on this?


Hi, Yes this on my list. Unfortunately to get the data raw to you we first need to get it in the right database so a bit go working is ongoing to get us there. Please be reassured that I haven’t forgotten.


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