More detailed release notes


I know this has been mentioned before within other threads, but I think it would be pretty nice to have more detailed release notes made available, especially while in Beta, as things are moving along at a rapid pace. This would include specific bugs that have been fixed in each release.

I appreciate the release notes section in the app store may not be appropriate for this, but would it be possible to include a link to an external web page containing the more detailed info?


Does anyone know what the determining factor for leaving beta is ?


I reckon that’ll be a complex issue for Starling. Be interesting, though, to know what folks here would regard as a trigger point.

Me? Haven’t the foggiest :smirk:


Everything works?


That it’s available to all with everything all rolled out and working.


@DanielWebb Maybe you can help with this on the community, and add additional notes when our releases go out?


Ah - but that’s when it gets troublesome. What is ‘everything’?

They could say it’s out of Beta when the current account is available to everyone without any waiting. But what about Savings Goals? Is that a feature that should be launched as a ‘core feature’ of the current account? And other features that are hopefully in the pipeline somewhere like mobile cheque scanning - should they be included before it’s out of beta.

This seems to be a bank that’s developing it’s features list pretty dynamically (which is good - gives them plenty of opportunity to react to what’s going on in the market and with their customers) but that does mean it’s kinda difficult to pin down when it’s ‘launched’.

What inconveniences do you accept as a ‘beta’ banking product (not necessarily the actual bank app) that you would expect to definitely be resolved before it’s launched? From the comments on the community board the 2 main actual complaints I’ve seen (although not actually experienced at all myself so can’t comment really) are:

  1. Incidents with the card processor so card payments declined
  2. Some not great responses with Customer Services queries.

Point 2 should be resolved with training and developing the CS team. Point 1 is more problematic as I’m sure there’s contracts and SLA’s involved.

I would assume the apps being beta is strongly tied to the bank itself still being in development - and they’ll take it out of beta once they’re confident they’ve got the ‘back end’ systems in place to run the service smoothly (which, compared to some of the other legacy banks (RBS/Natwest) would make a nice change!)


Yes, happy to do that!


Maybe something along the lines of a Wiki page would be good - so we can see the historic as well as current easily?


Although I recently experienced an extremely long wait to a simple question from CS, I think I would much rather bank with an organisation that’s continually developing their product to be as good as it possibly can be.

When all that exciting development stuff stops I guess the bank will move in to ‘legacy’ mode, and that’ll be day I’ll be looking for another bank. I don’t want to bank with one of those slow-moving goliaths that seem to do very little for their customers.


Hi Rob

I reckon as the development process matures, we’ll be safe from that legacy thinking. The community that’ll have grown with Starling bank will still be here. That way there’ll be no room for complacency.

As it should be eh?


Good point, the fact that the management team are prepared to be interactive with the forum is certainly positive


There was an Android release today, with the following release notes:

This release is jam-packed with improvements and fixes; we now support adaptive icons, your flux receipts now include a loyalty line item, you can can access the original transaction data to help you improve the name and location submissions, it’s now clearer when an app upgrade is required and we’ve smoothed out a few UI issues and crashes too.

What puzzles me is that the few UI issues and crashes and also any bug fixes that were pushed(?) are not detailed in the notes. While I’m happy that new things are being added and adjusted, fixes to bugs and raised issues are just as important (if not more)! Please can I request that going forward, we receive an update on the fixes that have been made?

A fun addition to this would be giving credit to the member of the community that raised the bug initially (if they’re active in the community, of course!). This would really help to bring Starling closer to their users. After all, a lot of bugs wouldn’t be raised if not for dedicated Starling-ers!


I’d like to see release notes similar to how 1Password does it:


Impressive release notes!


Yes, that’s exactly the detail I put into release notes I compose. My guess is that Starling don’t have a dedicated employee to write up detailed notes like this.


A dedicated employee to write release notes, I don’t think anyone needs that :see_no_evil:


It’s called a technical writer. And a very well respected role in software companies. I.e. my job!


Fair enough