Monzo's new offices


“It enjoys a cult-like status among urban millennials.” - I think that contributed to me closing my account :joy:


Monzo should start worrying if that’s indeed the case. Urban-millenials are jumping on a trend and then leave even faster.


Mmm, I wonder who else is at Finsbury Square… :thinking:


Who? I’m not up on London business office locations? Starlings on the Avenue? Is that part of the square?


Finsbury Square is going to end up the Fintech Capital of London, mind you shows how many big organisations have moved offices that so many new companies can move into the area.


Literally next door to Starling


Yep! It needs a name… (other than Silican Roundabout)…


Haha, yeah, that statement is enough to put me off as well! :joy:


The Fintech… Freeway?
Finsbury’s Fintech Fiefdom?
The Fins-tech Factory?

All of which are horrifically poor, but lets face it, about as catchy as anything involving a roundabout… :joy::joy::joy: