Monzos card processor is down again!


I thought we use the same card processor as I’m using my Starling card okay?


I believe Staring do use the same processor but won’t always be affected by the same issues as Monzo is a pre-paid card provider and Starling issue debit cards. At least this is the impression that was given during the last outage where Starling sort of worked and Monzo did not.


Monzo’s processor wasn’t down when this topic was created. Monzo gave advance warning that the processor is planning scheduled service at 12pm today -

presumably this will also affect Starling users since Starling uses the same processor..


I can assure you it was down before this post was posted . I’m not psychic :joy: I read the warning sign about payments & tops ups not working & I posted here. I’m not a liar. & the
Message said your current account in beta is working fine. Or maybe I dreamt it all :thinking: & even a scheduled outage , is & outage. This is why I left your Forum. Can’t take negative feedback but you sure can give out negative feedback towards others like Revolut. I read your Posts on Monzo forum. Not being rude but your very critical of other banks but refuse to accept any regarding Monzo… not being confrontational just speaking from the heart :+1::blush: oh & my Starling Card is working fine. No need to presume :slight_smile:


The downtime was at 12pm, as stated on your screen grab :man_facepalming:


It was down before that… I grabbed screenshot just now for forum. I posted this an hour ago which means they were down before 12 pm


Your screen grab says

‘Scheduled service warning’

It’s a heads up to planned downtime. So users know to take a second card.


lol look in the app the message was there at time of me posting . Searched Forums couldn’t find anything their… also the current status page before 12pm said major outages on tops ups & payments ect…


Oh yeah I fully accept that
. what I’m saying is that an outage is an outage and whether it’s planned or unplanned you still can’t use the service, I thought it may affect us too but obviously having fully functional current accounts it isnt thank God. Just like Monzos current account preview .


It is a scheduled warning. Like when you drive and you see yellow signs saying

ROADWORKS HERE FROM ??/??/??? TO ??/??/???

Does that mean they are there now? No. It’s warning you of the future.


So I get that it’s a warning in advance my point is I would rather the processor not be down in the first place . And why schedule it for lunchtime and not 2 AM in the morning like most other IT depts do?


So rather than fix the cause, leave it to self destruct? Scratches head


Is no need to stretch your head, yes they should fix it, but as this has happened a lot over the last few months it shouldn’t be happening, if Monzo were happy about this they wouldn’t be bringing the processing side in house!! Basically ditching their partners.You cannot use your Monzo account then it’s an inconvenience why are you trying to defend a card processor that everyone is moaning about including Monzo!


Are we sure this is GPS as Monzo use Wirecard for a lot of the pre-pay card infrastructure too which Starling doesn’t require.

Also I strongly assume that Starling and Monzo run in different databases and possibly different hardware/software.


Hi Thom, I have no idea all I know is the Gonzo is not working due to their card processor if you go by their own statement


Wirecard are Monzo’s issuing bank, not their processor. The Status page message says

Unfortunately our third party card processor has been experiencing recurring technical issues this week. In order to address these issues, they have planned a short period of time starting around 12pm today where your card may not work and we’d like to let you know.

Emphasis mine.


I can only assume that Starling are happy with GPS then as they are continuing to use them, as far as I’m aware?


Who cares about all the nitty-gritty minor details, the minutiae. All we know is a Monzo card doesn’t work, I was just trying to point out that yet again for whatever reason Monzo doesn’t work! As a Monzo investor I’m finding it hilarious. Money isn’t everything after all


Tried using my Starling card worked fine a moment ago.


The downtime only lasted for 2 minutes in the end :sweat_smile: