Monzo vs Starling


I feel dirty…I have just looked at the Monzo community and feel like I am cheating on a girlfriend…

For some reason I am getting really frustrated at the lack of movement with regard ‘round ups’, payments from Goals etc…I didn’t even know I needed round ups until I saw that Monzo have them and now I really want to see them in action on my Starling app!

If I moved to Monzo what would I lose compared to Starling?

Help me out people! I’m wobbling!

How would you pitch Starling to a Monzo customer?

Try using both?


Oh, you’ll have started a debate now! The other side of the fence will always have something better. I see Monzo have finally launched Apple Pay today, and it failed to add my card.


I did have a monzo account, but that was in the days when I was using an iPhone and the lack of Apple pay support irritated me. They now have Apple Pay and I have an android so it’s a non issue now!!

Maybe I will resign up?


your not using the test app are you? if so it won’t work. I added it no issue this morning.


I do agree that it seems as though a lot of innovation is currently taking place at Monzo. I’ve thrown my hat in the ring with Starling as of last week when I moved all my banking from Nationwide, so fingers crossed Starling have a few new features of their own up their sleeves!

I keep hoping to see a new feature announcement on the Community but it does seem to have gone quiet recently.


It’s quite funny, I think if you asked most of the people on the Monzo forum, they’d say Starling was (and has always) been ahead with development of features.

Monzo has the round up feature - Sure. If that is an absolute deal breaker, you could sign up and use Monzo (you can always keep your Starling account alive).

Personally, I find Starling to be consistently better with their implementation of features (not to mention the speed of development is generally much quicker than all but Revolut).

I find the general offering to be more sophisticated, and I feel people give Monzo way too much leniency because they are “cool”.

At the end of the day, both banks offer very similar things.

I could talk about the interest that Starling offers, the customisable “goals” section, the no fee ATM withdrawals or oversees payments - But they are only relevant if you will use them.


I am curious about Monzo but I’m sticking with starling for now.

Starling seems to get the fundamentals right first which is more important to me.


Thanks Nick. Monzo have their equivalent of goals too I believe? Are they different?


“Goals” or “Pots” as they are called at Monzo, are simply different ways of saying “Savings Account”

They both implement them in slightly different ways, but at the moment, they are predominately a way to ring fence your money in a slightly different way to a Savings Account.

For example, there is no separate account number etc - It’s just ring fencing the money you already have in your current account.

Starling allows your own photo on the “Goal” (this may interest you) - Monzo doesn’t (something to do with them being concerned with what photos may appear).


I have a couple of goals set up in Starling with regular payments to both set up (I even have pretty pictures!) so I assumed I could just set up the same functionality in Monzo?


I use both, starling for salary and bills. Monzo for spending money, at the moment monzo is more like a top up card for me, whereas starling is a bank. But each to their own.


Out of interest, why don’t you use Starling for the spending?


I use both, probably Starling more, but I am concerned about some customer service issues that keep popping up. Luckily I’ve had no major issues that have needed help, but we will see. Starling feels more corporate than Monzo.


Functionality is very similar (minus the pretty pictures).

It’s not something I would focus on when thinking about the 2 banks (although bear in mind Starling pays interest on your entire balance, which includes how much you have in Goals).


I had just starling initially for both bills and spending, then decided I needed to split these up to budget better. It was quicker and easier just to set up a standing order to the monzo card every pay day than to move all of my DDs etc etc.


Personally I don’t think they’d say that. The only thing most have been envious about is Apple Pay, which Monzo now have.

Only two of those are features, which are hardly dealbreakers. Like adding a photo to a Pot?

The interest is nice, but negligible. It’ll barely buy most people a coffee in a whole year. And I would say most brits have never made an international payment in their lifetime.
The free ATM withdrawals won’t last forever, either. When Starling get to the amount of users Monzo had last year, I’m positive they’ll drop it too.

Monzo has picked up the pace recently, whilst Starling has stagnated. Starlings focus is clearly on Business accounts, and the current account is on the back burner.

Monzo have a much friendly culture, their much more transparent, and their CS isn’t garbage (both the software and the scripted responses).


I have both but don’t use Monzo much.

I want round up but it’s not worth the trade off of scheduled payments at the moment. And I find it almost criminal they would charge you an overdraft fee if you have money in a pot but not in the main part. That is outrageous.

I also don’t think emoji’s are a good trade off for a 50p a day overdraft and abroad cash charges after a certain amount. I guess it depends how you use features.

They’re both good tho.

I also dislike the colour purple…but that’s just a general thing!


Just wanted to say… My comment is based on extensive reading of their forum (which, in fairness, is much more active than this one).

If you read through their forum, you’ll see that many people are in fact envious of what Starling has.


On this point… The transparency has been woeful recently - They shout about being transparent, but they simply don’t follow through all the time (Apple Pay for example).

Possible in their control, possibly not - Who knows.

As for CS - The “time out” issue with Starling is annoying - But I never have a need to contact either.


And as for friendly… It’s more “cult” like than anything.

I don’t want a friendly bank - I want a bank which can provide a professional service without causing massive issues… Like… Accidentally releasing the most requested feature ever (Apple Pay), by accident… Geez… That would be awkward.