Monzo update - fingerprint & profile pics


I’ve just updated the monzo app on Android and they’ve added fingerprint login, looks very nice! Would be nice to have something similar on the starling app rather than the generic system one.

The new profile pics are nice too.!


On most devices, the default Android interface asks for a passcode. I only found I was able to login via my fingerprint in Starling purely by accident.

I believe a Starling fingerprint login page is needed. It’s currently not at all intuitive or obvious how to activate or find this feature; especially considering the amount of posts from Android users asking if Starling supports login this way.


We agree and it is top of the list now… after a day or two of bug bashing we have planned next week.


Great news! Anything else? :wink:


Rome wasn’t built in a day. :wink: Am glad to hear that a proper Android login screen is on the way. :slight_smile:


Worth a try!