Monzo time equivalent


@LoganAllan, do you guys have an equivalent of monzo time at all? It seems like quite a good way to boost innovation and give people the freedom to try different things. Just interested to know if that’s something you do as a company.


I do believe they demo stuff they are working on, on a Friday. Monzo time sounds great.


We have time on a Friday where we can demo new things that we’re working on, updates on previous products or just for general announcements :grinning:


Would you ever look at a monzo time equivalent where the team can just do what they want?


I think you’ll find the office a very empty place as they all hit the pub :joy:


Google have dropped this because it’s a diversion from development of the core product.

I think we’ve seen this already though with starling as someone is working on under 18 accounts as a sort of side project.


The little side projects are where I’m going really. A day a month where starling can build coin jar (I mean work on under 18 accounts and other things they may not have the freedom to explore under normal circumstances)


There isn’t a dedicated time that I know of