Monzo starts its launch


I appreciate this sounds a bit daft talking about a competitor’s launch, but according to this link Monzo are starting a phased rollout. Given the head start they have over Starling with their app, in my personal opinion their ‘launch’ is a bit disappointing.

The restrictions that exist have surprised me massively: basically many of the nice bells and whistles on their prepaid platform have been lost by making this move. I do appreciate they are stuck between where they are now, and where they want to be by the end of 2017.

Will anybody be jumping ship? I know I won’t!


I’m intrigued as to what they are doing, as they got me here… However, I have been really surprised at how good Starling have been and I’m happy here!


I wish their launch every success and hope it goes as smoothly as it did for Starling. I am very surprised of the following

  • Monzo to Monzo payments through the Contacts tab do not work.

  • Topping up your account by debit card, Apple Pay and Android Pay will not be available.

  • iOS only (for now)

  • does not work.

  • Customer support through the in-app chat will initially only be available from 9am–6pm on weekdays (for now).


looks like it is being rushed out… maybe something to do with Starling?


It’s an extremely disappointing ‘launch’. With all the fanfare and talk I was expecting something sensational, but seems to be a bit of a rushed 2nd rate effort.

Funny how Starling who were viewed on the Monzo forum as possibly a bit 2nd rate have stolen march with a pretty decent 1st effort and going from strength to strength.

Maybe Monzo have got a bit concerned by how advanced Starling are and have decided to release their account earlier than they wanted to? It all seems a bit odd. They do seem to have taken an inordinate amount of time promising it’ll come ‘soon’, now it’s finally nearly here it’s, well, a bit 2nd rate!

Happy I stopped waiting for Monzo and jumped ship to Starling. I wonder how many Monzo loyalists will think about Starling now!


I’m surprised that with what has felt a long wait that they are only just getting round to releasing a current account with half the features missing.

It sounds a bit muddled with 2 apps and their uncertainty with how they are going to merge the two once they launch the feature complete version. I’m not sure how confident I’d feel trusting all my bills etc going out of it.

I was going to switch to Monzo but I’m betting they won’t support the current account switching service. With Starling supporting Apple Pay soon I’d only be losing functionality.


From what I read current account switch will be a few, if not more, months away


Monzo all looks and sounds very rushed, panicked almost?


Starling might not have as many customers (yet) as Monzo, but they are leaps ahead in my opinion and today’s announcement has proved that.


Not that I have any idea on customers numbers, I’m only assuming


I’m quite shocked. I thought Monzo were a lot further along than this.

It looks totally half baked.

Really glad I jumped ship to Starling!




Two apps? That’s just shocking


With no comments on whether current account switching will be supported, a ton of lost features over the legacy pre-pay cards and currently no Android support; it looks like I may have made the right decision ditching them after the whole crowd funding palava?

I thought that whole affair made them look rather unprofessional but this takes the biscuit. :wink: I’m thinking this is a rather rushed attempt to get something to market.


I’m sure you’re right. Having more customers hasn’t done them any good. Didn’t I see they’d lost £6.7 last year.

I guess that might sharpen the mind and put a rocket under them. Maybe it is a bit rushed, frustrated/touchy investors??

£6.7 million is proper money when they ‘only’ raised £22 million last time around. Investors funding losses and no product to show for their money. I’d be a bit upset.


Worth a mention this isn’t a proper launch it is a preview. This will not be available to the general public it is for testing with entrance criteria such as needing to have an account for at least 6 months. The full launch is still far away and I’m sure it will be far more complete.


Preview or not, I’m still shocked to see how little progress Monzo have made on their current account.

Releasing a preview with so few features and in such a poor way, to me doesn’t scream of professionalism.

I’d have thought it wiser to have waited a few more months at this point and released a product that at least allows you to pay other users of the bank.

I also feel that support only being on hand in office hours, weekdays for a full current account is a massive flaw. I wouldn’t feel comfy having much cash in my account without the support available and I get the feeling they want people to know this is totally a beta.

Overall Monzo’s current account as it stands is less of a viable product than the pre-paid cards that they are loosing money on supporting.


However Monzo want to pitch it, beta, preview or small early limited release. It’s still very, very poor after all this time.

However here at Starling I have a sparkly full current account (still in beta not that you’d know really). And for those that want it, looks like Apple Pay comes today or very soon. Apple Pay is light years away for those at Monzo. Oh dear.


I wish Monzo well, as competition is good, but given the level of noise about how great they are, and are going to be, I agree it’s bizarre at just how indistinct their launch seems to be.

So much of Monzo’s community chat over the past months has been about the card and not about the current account. You could be forgiven for thinking their heart isn’t in it.

Now for the first time, there are Monzo card users who are talking of jumping ship.

Like others, I’m really glad Starling has, over those same months, been quietly building our account. Well not so quietly now eh?

Great work, Starling :smile:


You always have to watch the quiet ones!!!