Monzo Outage


Monzo just tweeted another outage wonder if will effect Starling


Just seen that myself :thinking:

Sounds pretty serious. Card payments, top ups, and sending money are not working on Monzo. Marked as a major outage :hushed:


I wonder if GPS will improve once Monzo have moved off to their in-house system.


We have had a small number of customers contact us but, as before, most transactions (>80%) were processed successfully. The incident lasted less than 4 minutes and we are now monitoring the situation carefully.


I get the impression that you think that up to 20% of transactions failing is OK?


Likewise, and a lack of communication to this 20% feels unacceptable and I fear you could very quickly find yourselves losing customer faith !

I’m not saying this makes Monzo much better, because the outages shouldn’t happen in the first place and root cause fixes need to be made, and quickly because these are far too frequent, but communication directly out to your customers should surely be a priority when such situations arise.


From what Starling has previously posted in this respect, that figure is more likely to be 14-15%.

But some apologist suggested we move on.


I think his point is that it’s great for an engineer to know it’s not a full black out. If it’s only effecting a certain amount it will help narrow down the issues.

I don’t see it as Starling being ok with it. Just that their service isn’t fully affected.


My Missus came in from work and the first thing she said to me was “I’ve had to use the Santander card because my Starling card wouldn’t work.”

After I explained what’s been happening she said “well why do I have to find out from you and if you didn’t tell me how else would I find out?”

I’m sure they’ll be other customers in the same boat.

In the other thread I posted exactly how you can fix the previous incidents and you’ve deliberately chosen to ignore that. You don’t have to have a status page, but if you’re going to publicly display that you’ve had no incidents over the last few days then that’s false representation.

I really do feel for Starling in some ways, to have the launch of something that should be so positive (Fitbit Pay) be marred by these outages is not nice. It’s even more frustrating when the outages are caused by a third party. However, it’s entirely down to Starling as to how they deal with these outages and that’s what I’m taking issue with. There’s no excuse for not informing customers and even less excuse for actively trying to hide it.


So your partner used the card in that 4 minute time span or is there a Starling conspiracy afoot?


There were a couple of outages today


That’s true! I meant 14 minutes! :smiley:


No insinuating anything. Just think it’s gone from annoying to amusing…


I really can’t be bothered anymore.


To be fair…although I laugh and joke…I think I’d caution at the moment before inviting / recommending until something is in place.

My partner is/was about to switch but is waiting to see now…