Monzo developments


Monzo have just released their latest blog and it looks like they have lots planned for April.

I’d love to see starling have a bit more transparency like this so we can see what features are coming.


The redesign of spending looks really nice, especially if they let you set your payday, month by month to me helps in no way


Challenge accepted @Cragmireuk :slight_smile: We communicated a couple of coming soon features via email last weekend but we are probably ripe for another update on our blog now we’re into Q2.


Good to hear :grinning:, it’s the format I like, it’s good to see what’s been completed each month and what’s next leaving a few surprises to get people excited.

Hoping roundup will be on its way sometime soon. :wink:


Like Apple and Microsoft have found out by being transparent, announcing new features only cause a backlash if they are not delivered… I’m happy with the current status quo.


Note the rename of spending to breakdown.


The spending redesign looks very good.


Looks good, but got not nothing on me Starling :wink:


Yes. Being shown ‘nothing spent today’ for the best part of the day is a much better user experience. :joy:


Agreed - the spending info looks so much nicer…