Monzo current account


So I’ve received my monzo current account debit card, and actually sticking with starling much better :heart:


You’re not comparing like with like.

Monzo is currently behind Starling. It’s only in Preview to a small (growing) number of people. It’s not ready for my day-to-day banking.

Likewise, Starling can not do some things as well as legacy bank apps and is currently in beta.

I think both will be a force to be reckoning with when they’ve developed decent apps.


He’s comparing Starling Beta CA…with Monzo BETA CA…it is quite like for like…


He is comparing both products, as they exist right now.

What would you prefer him to compare? A Monzo promise vs a Starling reality?

Right now, Starling is better. That is our opinion. You are welcome to yours.


Loz, the Monzo prepaid card is in beta. The Monzo current account is a preview, it’s only the last few days they’ve started rolling it out to significantly more people. I understand this does not have the beta designation yet.

Ben, I must say I’m somewhat taken aback by your unfriendly tone. I’m not sure it is justified in any way.

My original post was objective and reasonable. I said both Monzo and Starling have much ground to make up on some legacy banks but I find the potential of both hugely exciting.

To quote myself, I said “Monzo is currently behind Starling.” …so your post makes you look a little bit silly in criticising me without reading what I had written.

I think I’d rather look at both with some constructive criticism than become a blind fanatic for one or the other. In the meantime, let’s be polite to each other, shall we?


I am always polite, Johnny. My intent was not to be unfriendly. :slight_smile:




I think that it’s hard to compare Monzo with starling account at moment as they are in early days with very few people having access to it. I think will be easier once Monzo are later down the line. I think starling are ahead at the moment comparing them both in their current state. This is just my opinion on how I see them.


An entirely reasonable conclusion. Starling has had a banking licence much longer than Monzo and it is further developed with its product/service, as shown in the OP’s post.


It’s very difficult to accurately represent emotion on a forum.

I certainly didn’t intend to be unfriendly.

Shall we move on? :slight_smile:


Alot depends on the app seemingly. From my understanding the starling iPhone app is pap as is the monzo android app.


I’m sure given 6 months or so they’ll both be at a reasonable level. It’ll be down to personal choice as to which you prefer, the same as legacy banks now.

I have a Monzo prepaid and just waiting for their preview invite. It seems I’ve been waiting an age for the Monzo current account to come to fruition. It seems I could be drawing my pension by the time I get a fully working version!

Starling jumped the gun and put out a current account early doors. It’s far from perfect and the app I feel is lacking in a number of areas. I know it’s in beta before anyone says! However, Starling are asking people to switch, so must have been fairly confident that they have put together a reasonable app. Me I’m not so sure just yet. For the ‘app only’ bank, I think it has a way to go before I’ll sign on the line.

Monzo and Starling both have their strong points and features from both I like. Maybe 6/12 months I will review and see how it’s coming along. I truly wish Starling the best as I want them to succeed as I like what they’ve done so far, just a bit more polish.


I have a Monzo current preview account. It’s very basic at the moment, literally all you can do is view insights, see past transactions and only send/receive money through bank transfer.

Starling can do much more. So for anyone moving from Starling to Monzo, I don’t understand why.


Good Morning all - I took out both Monzo and Starling to trial on holiday over recent months, so far no issues with either, however that’s been in major EU countries only, not sure how they would operate in more far flung locations.

Eventually I will have to ditch one as there is no point in needless duplication.

I really like the way a Starling cardholder can have an instant chat with customer services - I use an iPad, and it’s easy peasy.


I’ve just had my Monzo current account card come through too. I was keen to check it out, but I’m actually enjoying using Starling as my main card and having everything in one place, so I’m not sure if I’ll actually get around to using the Monzo CA…


They’re both a different stages of development. Starling is ahead.

People choose for all sorts of reasons but Starling is likely to satisfy most people moving from legacy banks right now.

Both look like they’ll shake up the legacy Bank market. Other challenger banks I’ve looked at, Loot and Revolut, don’t seem anywhere near Starling.


I totally agree, I invested in Monzo, and thought oh, I will trial Starling. I have my Monzo CA also

For me Starling wins hands down for my needs, great super fast customer service.

I much prefer the Starling app to Monzo, and needless to say I was not a fan of the hot coral card.

I am going to stick with Starling, and switch my Lloyds account.
I have a Nationwide FlexPlus that I will keep for the great world wide travel insurance that I have.

Thanks Starling for a great Product


I didn’t mean to be brutal when I was saying that Starling is better than Monzo, in all fairness both banks offer different services and features, admiditly starling is further ahead than monzo - after having already switched my bank account fully to Starling I am more than commited to starling then after seeing a debit card for monzo I thought I would give it a try, and I do like what monzo offer but have to admit starling I am preferring at the moment. As some of you said as time goes in they will probably be around the same level. I will continue to keep my monzo current account open, but have been more than happy with starling as made the switch and suits my needs.


I’m in the process of moving my direct debits from Starling to Monzo.

I like Starling, but I have been with Monzo (Mondo) since early last year and I am just more excited by it as an overall product and where its going.


I just struggle to find Monzo exciting, and the currency issue has only hightened that for me. Its not exciting for me, so I’m sticking with Starling.