Monthly statement and Goals


I suppose I could wait a few weeks until our October statement becomes available, but I’m impatient like that: so how will Goals savings appear on our statements, or not?

  • For the list of transactions on our statement, will the contribution to a Goal be included as a debit just as it is within the in-app feed? Or maybe because we’re just ring fencing money within our current account rather than physically moving the money to an entirely new account, movements to and from a Goal will be ignored as far as the statement goes?

  • Will our savings Goals be described on our statement? Maybe with pretty graphs? It would be useful to see how things change over time.

But I guess a statement is a legal document, so maybe the scope of what you can/cannot include is regulated…?


Hi Rob,
As you point out, the statement is a legal document that describes money coming into or leaving your account so your Goals won’t be described on there, but the money in any Goals would be included in your statement balance as the money is still inside your account.

That said, while the statement will probably live on in its current form for a while, we want to do better than just copying an existing bank statement and leaving it there. Therefore, we are looking at a more interesting ‘Starling Summary’ which could have a combination of your Spending Insights and Goals transfers, etc.

Hope that answers your question.


That’s perfect, thanks @ben.chisell :smile: