Money movement in goals on transaction list


I’ve moved some money into a goal then I decided that I didn’t want it in one goal but in separate goals so I played around a bit so I had the relevant money’s in each goal.

I then go to thevtransaction list and it’s swamped the list with about 20 actions of me moving money around between goals. Lol

Any chance these can not show up or does it need to show everything.


Nice idea but how would you define the requirements for what to show and not to show? There may be times when you did want those showing and others when not, perhaps a better way would be a swipe option to hide it when looking at the list. a bit like when you delete / archive emails or delete text messages. You wouldn’t want to completely delete in the off chance you are some point needed to see all.


I guess on each goal you could see the transaction movements instead of your main list?


I think they should show as net movement each day so that if you move anything in or out it nets the total transaction up and just have the main statement narrative as Goals or something similar which can then be clicked in to see the low level transaction data of all movements completed that day.


I like this :+1:


I like this idea too. Definitely one we’ll consider as I share the same feeling about the goals movements in my feed. Isn’t funny… how we are want to keep it nice and tidy! How banking has changed.