Mobile Wallet Limits: Daily mobile wallet transaction limit


Hey SB, Noticed a discrepancy between Android and Apple versions re: limits. My Samsung S8 which is only used for payments says i can only make £500 of mobile transactions with an increasing amount to £10k through a process. My apple iPad says i have a limit of £2500, with an increase to £10k if i do a process. Is there a difference allowance for android and apple or is this not reading correct? Thanks :slight_smile:


Looks like they have missed of the text to say daily limit of £2,500 in Android, because comparing the two, Apple reads better.

Daily mobile wallet limit

Hey Hayden, there can be discrepancies on limits between the different digital wallets depending on how you activated it, e.g. provisioning in the Starling app versus in the digital wallet itself. As long as you’re using the same account and same card though, then you should have either the £2500 limit or the £10k limit. Can you confirm you’ve activated your physical card on the Samsung S8? If not, we can look into as you should have the same limit on both!


So what difference in limits does that make?
Will removing it and then reprovisioning it by the other method alter that limit?


ah that could be why. i re provisioned to get the new teal card in google pay.