Mobile banking - is it for everyone?


We have an opportunity to contribute a case study for the piece in the media which will discuss whether mobile banking is a young-persons game and how age is an impact on it’s adoption. To explore this we’d like to invite two types of customers to volunteer to help us with this case study…

If you are over 70 and using Starling for your mobile banking, we’d love to speak with you so please send me a Direct Message and we’ll arrange to connect and I can tell you more.

In contrast, we’d also like to speak to anyone under 25 (or thereabouts) who has a manual trade, skill or talent - something we’d consider non-technical and perhaps popular before the digital age.

Let me know via direct message if you think you fit the bill, and we can discuss the case study in more detail.



Count me out, 28 next month! :slight_smile:


Hello! If you decide on someone 60+ then I would be very interested to take part!


No good 37 here


No good a fresh 27 here! :weary:


Thanks all, we’ve found someone thank you.