Missing Transactions


I’ve had a strange error on my account and wondered if anyone else has had a similar thing - went out last night and used my card as normal but, although I was getting notifications as I spent and my balance is correct, none of my transaction entries are showing on my statement for any spending from last night or this morning.

Spoke to customer service and they suggested reinstalling the app, which I’ve done… and now I have no transactions listed at all: my statement just says that I haven’t used my card yet… which, as my hangover this morning is telling me, I absolutely have. :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::joy:

Anyone else had or having this issue?

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This is not something I’ve come across, have you reached back out to CS since reinstalling the app?


Yeah - it’s under investigation as they think it might be a bug, but was curious to see if it’s just affected me, cos problems with transaction entries feels like it could be a pretty major problem if it’s more widespread.


I’m confident this will be resolved quickly. Are you on iOS?


Yeah, I’m on iOS, running 11.2.2 on an iPhone X.


I’ve noticed since the latest iOS update, I’ve got a DD showing in app as cancelled, that I’ve not created. So I think there could be some bugs.

I think the DD that is showing in app I might have had setup when I first done the switch last year.


I’ve now got the same issue - transactions not appearing - I’ll raise with CS


Looks like a new version of the Starling App was released yesterday on the App Store - I wonder if that’s what’s caused the issue… 0.42.1 is the new version, with 0.41.0 being the version released a couple of weeks ago… I’ve not made any purchases since installing 0.42.1 however will need to tomorrow…


I never made any transactions yesterday, so I’ve just noticed after @Tim_D


Is it safe to carry on with the update


Ah no - what have they said at CS?


That’s it’s been raised with engineering


@Tim_D Thanks for raising this with us! As @Joe_Merriman has mentioned we have raised this with our Engineering Team to investigate this further. The update should work as normal but do let us know how you get on. We will keep you updated in-app :+1:


Screen shots have been sent to help@starligbank.com from myself.


Thanks, @Hannah - I’ll keep an eye on the app.

Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help troubleshoot.


I’ve noticed a movement of money from a Goal to my available balance is not included in the transaction feed, nor has an Apple Pay transaction I made at Greggs today (although I did receive the usual Starling notification for the Apple Pay transaction).

I’ve reported this to CS this evening.


They are actively investigating this evening on issues reported.


I would avoid updating if you can


I can confirm that these missing transactions are definitely related to the update to the Starling app issued on Friday. I do not have my iPad Pro set to automatically update, and I’ve noticed that the transactions are present on that, whereas my on my iPhone (which does auto-update) these same transactions are missing.

As @Joe_Merriman has pointed out already do not update your Starling Bank app to Friday’s release (v0.42.1).


Please do not update. I’m working with Starling on the issue.