Missing notifications


I remember having little notifications in iOS appearing when I made purchases. They have gone. Anybody knows how to get them back? Cheers.


When did you last attempt to use your card? @Catherine will deal with it :slight_smile:


Hi @David_Morin :wave: there are a couple of things that are worth checking - if you’ve got battery saver turned on, it sometimes stops the notifications coming through. It’s also worth making sure that we’ve got permission to send you notifications in the settings on your phone!

If this doesn’t help, please do come through to us via the app and we can take a closer look for you :grinning:


Thanks both. Where do I find the settings?




iPhone > Settings > Starling > Allow Notifications


Mmmmh. Notification not showing here. Can’t allow or disallow.


I’m going to uninstall app and reinstall it.


Sorted. Upon installation I allowed for notifications and they’re now featuring in settings. I wonder if I had disallowed them in the first place. Anyway. It’s sorted now. Cheers for your help guys. Loving the app and the bank.


I think what’s happened is, when you first installed and went through the process, you disallowed notifications and it’s caused it to be unavailable in the setting in notifications. A uninstall and reinstall should resolve like you say. Any issues, give me a shout or get in touch with CS.


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