Missing interest?


Every month, without fail, I’ve had interest hit my account from Starling at 00:00 on the 1st of the month. This hasn’t happened today. Is there a delay making interest payments?


Seeing the same here.


I’ve had mine… I wonder if this is a bug in the new Android app?


I’ve also had problems with notifications and the Pulse - if missing interest turns out to be a bug too I will be really disappointed.


I got a notification for mine, not checked properly though, I’d have to use that horrible button. :joy:


I had mine at midnight, all 58p :blush:


I think the starling team might have a busy day today.


Mine arrived as normal


I’m IOS and haven’t had mine


Not had mine either


Anyone contacted starling? If not happy to do it


Haha and as soon as I post that it literally just came through


Mine hasn’t yet.


No had notification of 20p interest and its on my feed as received.


Checked app and say it occurred at midnight :thinking:


I’m contacting @StarlingSupport now.


Morning all!

Interest calculations are running a bit slow this morning. The process is still going as we speak.

Must be because it’s a Friday :laughing:


I just spoke to one of your colleagues @LoganAllan and they confirmed it’s a known issue and interest payments are currently being made manually.


@LoganAllan I just received a notification that interest had been paid and when I log into the app I can see it on my balance. However, there is no entry in the transaction list (or Spending screen).


You tend to need to pull down to refresh. The balance and transactions aren’t always in sync. Direct debits and scheduled payments also seemed to be a bit slow this morning.