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Premier Inn comes up in Categories as Eating Out. Not a biggie, just would be handy if it registered as Hotels or Accommodation etc.

I wish I was spending this much on Eating Out…though if I was, it might not be in a Premier Inn…

Probably stems from the fact it’s part of Whitbread; hence Costa/Beefeater etc, but would be handy for my accounts/at a glance if the Premier Inn group came up as a Hotel instead.


My recent Premier Inn transaction doesn’t even show up on my categories. It’s in my merchants tab though…?


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Just saw this post… If you didn’t know already, you are able to change the category assigned to a payment. Just go to the transaction screen for that payment, tap the button which has the category in (in this case “Eating Out”) and it will let you select one. :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!


Hi @JamesPratley - and I only just saw your reply(!).

That is fab news. Thank you! That will be incredibly handy in all manner of cases I think.



@JamesPratley are you aware that some transactions appear with no category and no facility to let you change/set it?


Just noticed that @danmullen. Also the option to create categories would be great. (i.e. there is no Hotel/Accommodation category, so I’m recategorising those expenditures as ‘Holidays’ since it’s the next most logical. I can imagine it may raise both my wife and my accountant’s eyebrows however…). cc: @JamesPratley


We’re aware of this one @danmullen and are already working on a fix :+1:

For reference: Category missing from transaction


Thanks @alexandra :slight_smile:


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