Minimum Payment Limit


This minimum limit is also causing considerable issues with the business accounts.

For example, I can’t currently verify our GoCardless account because they require you to send them 1p to verify (I’m told that any higher amount will fail verification?).

I’m now waiting for Starling CS to get back to me with a solution.


Essentially its not starlings money so if we want to send 1p or 1K we should be able to.

Not experienced it with any of the big 4 when i’ve used them either.

Having said that Starling still let this week so guess they’ve changed their mind or we can add it to the list of bugs still to be fixed.


An update. Starling CS have sent the 1p payment for me. Problem solved. :slight_smile:


We should not have to do this though… but a work around I guess


Will this be removed? I always move my interest for example. Which is less than 1.


Just to add to this, I recently set up a business account and needed to send £0.01 to a payment provider (GoCardless if anyone was wondering) to verify my account. But because £1 is a minimum, I couldn’t. Wasn’t an issue when we were with HSBC.

I just realised @Ben had the same issue above. Although oddly, I wasn’t offered for the 1p to be sent on my behalf by CS.


Hey everyone - thanks for your feedback here on minimum payment limits. As Sarah mentioned above, many banks do apply a minimum transaction value and at Starling we have to date set the minimum to £1 for Faster Payments. Totally understand your points on wanting to send 1p instead of £1 though and wanted to let you know we’ve taken your feedback on board and this is something we’re actively reviewing and working on. I’ll aim to come back with more of an update for you on it later this week!


Quick update here: we’ve decided to change the minimum amount for Faster Payments from £1 to 1p :tada:

I was hoping we’d be able to get this change implemented and released by today, thus waiting until the end of the week to give a further update, however unfortunately we haven’t been able to do so and it looks like it will be next week when the change goes into production. I’ll come back with a further update when the change is made/available and will update the FAQs to reflect this change as well.

Until then, hope you all have a nice weekend!


Thanks for the update @Megan_Caywood, you have a great weekend too :slight_smile:


Thanks! :smile:


I’m really impressed with the communication coming from Team Starling at the minute, and the speed to which feedback is being acted upon. Great job folks!


I sent £1 and it worked just fine


Yes, £1 is the current minimum! We’re changing it so you can send amounts less than that as well though (as little as £.01)