Minimum Payment Limit


I can’t send a payment of less than £1. Please could this limit be removed?


With you on this one!


@sarah.guha Please can you take a look into this?


I don’t seem to have a limit on my account as I have just transferred 97p to pay a bill so seems strange that you would have a minimum payment amount.


I just tried to transfer 50p and it doesn’t allow the payment to go through.


Hi all, We apply a min payment of £1 to payments you make via Faster Payments. Last week we noticed a bug where the iOS app was allowing payments of less than £1 which will be corrected in our next iOS release this week. We have a minimum payment amount so the instant transfer service we provide to you is sustainable. It is common practice among banks who provide Faster Payments. Thanks.


Thanks Sarah. I thought it was a bug, that makes sense.


I disagree that this is common practice in fact I’ve never experienced it before.


Many banks do apply a minimum transaction value, others don’t - it will something each bank decides based on the costs they incur and how they can sustain the service. I hope you understand.


Actual Solution: Send an extra £1 and then send the £1 back.


I have been with lots of legacy banks (Natwest, TSB, Lloyds, Halifax to name a few) and have never experienced a minimum payment limit. I’d be interested to know which banks do enforce this?


Halifax have a £1 minimum payment for their Reward account.


I was with Halifax for many years and never encountered this - had a reward account, too.


I’ve had accounts with Halifax and the Cooperative, both banks have a minimum transfer of £1.


I wonder if this is account specific with the legacy banks. I have a Halifax Reward account as others have mentioned and have no issues transferring a 1p to another external account.

Very odd!


I also had no problems sending FPS transfers below £1 from Handelsbanken UK , and how would you pay a bill or invoice say for £0.89 if you were limited to £1.00 minimum? It is very odd!


I can confirm Nationwide also have a £1 faster payments minimum.


This is where I think it may be account specific. My Nationwide FlexPlus allows me to send anything from 1p upwards. Strange!


I have FlexPlus too. I can move any amount between Nationwide accounts but can’t make external payments of less than £1!


yeah I would like 1p too, any time I set a up a new instruction I always test it with sending 1p and when ive confirmed the details are fine I use as normal. are there really lots of people wanting to send loads of low value transactions?