Merry Christmas and Thanks! ๐ŸŒฒ How will you celebrate?


Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all Starling Team and Community! Best Wishes! Thanks for your product, for my fee free trip :slight_smile:
I hope next year would be even better ! :slight_smile:


Happy Holidays


Yes indeed ! A great 2017 - looking forward to a whole new year with Starling Bank.

Letโ€™s spare a thought for all those working over the holiday period (including that valiant team in customer services).


Merry Christmas and happy New Year to all the community members and the Starling team.


While many are celebrating Christmas on 25 Dec my church celebrate on 7 Jan each year, so I am looking forward to New Year first


What does a typical Christmas dinner look like on 7th January, Richard?


Happy Festive Season to everyone on here and in Starling Bank Tower. I am celebrating the event today, and have just finished BBQโ€™ing the 3 bird roast. A very prosperous to everyone and an amazing Banking experience from Starling.


I grew up having Xmas lunch time on the 25th Dec and only changed Church later in life when I was married. So I am probably not the person to answer :wink: But while family in Australia probably have prawns and fish off a barbeque on the beach, that would not satisfy me. I tend to have roast pork or boiled gammon as not a big fan of turkey (though occassionally enjoy duck or goose). I also like blood sausages (like black pudding) as a snack with potato and beetroot salads. Maybe soup as well. As for desert I enjoy pretty much anything with alcohol in :wink: , and mixed nuts raisins and chopped liquorice. I also eat Norwegian gingerbread and German leibkuchen. Mulled wine to wash it all down. Though I do enjoy my food enough to feast every day from 24th Dec to 7th Jan were I given the chance. This St Stephenโ€™s Day or Boxing Day I am with friends so having a vegan or vegetarian meal such as nut roast. I would also have Swiss chocolates and nougat, and Turkish lokum (real Turkish delight not that rubbery purple jelly covered in Frys chocolate). I will also have a similar meal for New Year with the addition of cold meat in aspic, and some Champagne style wine (whereas I would have desert wine at Christmas).

In Japan they eat KFC to celebrate Christmasโ€ฆthat just would not do it for me. Feeling totally stuffed like a beached seal is an important part of Christmas :wink:


Thanks Richard

This thread could become an annual event :grinning:


I can always write more about food than banking as it is one of my pleasures in lifeโ€ฆso much so I taste food in my dreams and daydream about recipes


Merry Christmas everyone :christmas_tree: hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and hereโ€™s to an amazing 2018 :tada:


Merry Christmas everyone! As a Church of England Vicar I am celebrating with carols and midnight mass - with some presents after lunch tomorrow!

However you celebrate, or even if you donโ€™t, have a great day tomorrow.