Merge Payees


My Full Switch seems to be progressing nicely but I’ve had at noticed a quirk. I already have myself set up as a payee called ‘Me’. As part of the switch my Standing Orders have moved over from my old account. But each Standing Order has set up a separate payee with my full name. Is there any way to merge the payees under ‘Me’?
It would be convenient to be able to select a scheduled payment and choose the payee from a list.

The solution would be to either be able to:

  • Edit the payee on an existing scheduled payment and choose an existing payee.

  • Merge payees.



I suspect you may have to set these up again manually - that’s what I ended up doing anyway.


Thanks. Bit of a pain. So I basically need to cancel the scheduled payments and set them up again with ‘Me’ as the payee?


I believe so, unless someone’s aware of a quicker solution?

I’m slightly OCD so prefer to know everything’s set up exactly which way I’d like anyway :slight_smile:


I know on Android you just edit the one account and manually add all the others to that payee, there doesn’t seem to be any other way to do it.


So manually add all accounts to the one payee. Cancel all scheduled payments. Set up new scheduled payments to the new single payee?
Crazy way of doing things in a mobile app.
But thanks anyway. Maybe Starling should look at this for development.
Thanks @daedal and @danmullen