Merchant icons


Hi - when I first load my transactions list, all the merchant logos are missing and I just have the generic images (picture of a car, picture of a carrot, etc).

It sometimes takes 30 seconds to a minute for the correct merchant logos to appear. Sometimes they don’t appear at all and just stay as the generic images.

This has only recently started happening. Is anyone else having this?

I thought maybe the app was checking for new versions - but surely cached images should be displayed in the meantime if it is?

It also sometimes happens on the payments screen. Just leaving a square or circle with initials in it - even on my self added images for my payments.


Mine does this too I assumed it was a delay in the network or my phones cache.


I have this too. I’ve also found that today when I opened the app all the transactions that previously had icons reverted back and I had to wait for them to reload them again so it doesn’t look like the device caches them or at least if it goes, it doesn’t do it for very long.


I also saw this today so have raised a ticket for it. I saw the manky green carrot all down my feed! :carrot: We’ll get it fixed.


“Manky Green Carrot” - has a great ring to it but sounds a bit like a dodgy dive bar. :carrot::flushed: