Merchant Icons Missing/Wrong


Started using my Starling card today for the first time. Used it on TFL (Trains & tube) and at a Wasabi (Japanese fast food), both had the correct merchant icons, then I went to a Tesco, the most common shop there is and no merchant icon, just a capital T.
How can the Tesco icon be missing? Is this a known issue or is it something to do with my account?
I could not see another topic for this so I apologise if I missed it.

Submit Logo & Mapping not working?

I think that’s the logo they chose compared it to being the logo with Tesco written in full


That’s even more weird, as I don’t have that. I literally just have a purple capital T. You seem to have a branded logo, so I don’t know why mine is not showing, I’ll try and take a screenshot of it and post it.


This is the photo of my spending screen. As you can see, it’s just a purple T.


When you click on it, instead of getting the map etc, I get nothing except a green carrot! Haha, here is the screenshot of that.


Report it to CS via the chat and they will fix it


I’ve found this several times, often it corrects in a few hours or when the transaction settles. Perhaps there is some manual intervention going on at Starling’s end when a single given merchant is used for the first time :thinking:


I spoke to Starling customer support, I was told first it could be that MasterCard didn’t supply the address details etc for that store. I told them that when I used my Monzo card at the same store, which is also on MasterCard, all the details where there including the map. I was then told it was a GPS issue on Starlings side of things, a report was submitted to the technical team and they will get back to me with the findings. Fair enough.


Hey @Spencer_Luxford! Thanks for letting us know. We’re gradually adding information for each merchant as we go. It’s based on each individual Tesco, in this case, and it’s currently a manual process on our end but we’ll have a logo for that particular Tesco soon I’m sure. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @JamesPratley I appreciate the feedback. I used the same Tesco again last night and the same thing happened, no logo , address or map. Just so you know! :wink:


Soon - promise! :slight_smile:


I’ve just noticed that one of my transactions has changed from BP to M&S Simply Food!

I know it’s a BP garage with M&S shop but there are loads of those round here - I’ve no idea where it is as there is no map.

It’s the whole is it the petrol station, the shop or the franchisee? I think I’d prefer it if just the franchisee was listed - the person or company that you actually pay.

Is there any news on displaying the original transaction data somewhere? The old fashioned all caps bit?

I have a growing list of transactions where I have no idea where they took place. It’s increasingly becoming a big issue for me.

@JamesPratley @sarah.guha


Same as me I used my card in Tesco and no logo shown, everywhere else I’ve shopped has mind small issues lol! :grinning:


Hi, That will be because this is the first transaction we have received from that Tesco. We’ll get it cleaned and added for you.


Thanks for letting us know, our team will take a look and correct this for you.


Great thank you :blush:


@sarah.guha My original post has been fixed thanks, I have the logo, map and address on it now. The thing is, I have used my card in that same Tesco store twice since then and those transactions don’t have any details on them , no map, address anything! If it is
fixed, why aren’t the newer transactions appearing correctly? :laughing:


Hmm ok we’ll take a look. Are you iOS or Android?


I’m using Android currently.


I made a payment using Curve today and it’s showing as “Curve”.

Starling usually show the real merchant name and logo with Curve payments.

Curve have confirmed that the merchant name was passed on as normal…


I really do think that Starling should provide the original merchant descriptor!