Merchant icons: Delays in updates?


Is there any way merchant improvements could be opened up to community approval? I’m sure many of us who submit merchant improvements would be willing to work to improve how merchants are displayed.

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Thanks for your patience while we’ve slowed on the merchant logo updates. We hope to get back on track soon with it.


There’s no worries or concerns from my end - I’m just considering a method that may be able to transfer the onus for it back to us… The people who want it! It would also free up more time for the staff at Starling, I would imagine.


Hey @sarah.guha, roughly how far are we behind on updating merchant icons? How big is the backlog list is what I’m wondering?

I’ve still got transactions over a month old I’ve submitted updates for that haven’t been resolved / revised.


Hey @Mike_Chorlton we’re still working though these and you’ll notice them update in app over the next few days.


Thanks for the update Patrick :smile:


Another type of delay…but why aren’t the images cached? Even the goal ones…which I find odd…


Is anyone else having issues submitting correct logos and map data ?
I have submitted and re submitted some recent transactions and they don’t seem to be getting updated anymore? I have transactions going back to March that are still incorrect.
Also curve transactions don’t seem to play very nice anymore.

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Hi @Mark_Rowbottom!

We conducted a few updates to our merchant system a few weeks ago; only recently did it complete and allow us to start updating them again. We are working on getting caught up as there are a few in the backlog that need doing :smiley:

You can check it all out here:

Thank you for your patience!


I submitted some updates quite a few weeks ago, over a month I think, but they still haven’t been processed.


GGood to hear this is nearly fixed. I know it’s a small thing, but it’s one of my favourite features and when some are updated and some aren’t it’s irritating! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s not a small thing. Remember we are contributing to Starling’s database to improve their service offering. I think that’s why I feel it should have more weighting. If I’ve taken time out of my day to improve the service, then perhaps it’s not too much to expect that the information I have provided to them have been acknowledged.


To be fair, @sarah.guha explained only a couple of days ago that the team is working through the backlog of icon updates. With a current account which is growing so much in popularity, there’s likely to be a whole bunch of icon improvements to be done.


I’ve got an interesting one; have had the icons updated on these entries but the names are still all incorrect / ? not updated. @sarah.guha any ideas how that happened?


Hi @Mike_Chorlton!

When selecting to improve a merchant you have the option of Logo or Name/Location - selecting the logo improvement will push it into the manual review queue for logos only.

If you could quickly select ‘Improve’ and then click on ‘Name/Location’ this will push it into our manual review queue to update the name :smiley:


@LoganAllan so which one do you select if both the logo and the locations is incorrect?


If it’s a merchant that we have already, eg. Tesco:

Select the Name/Location improvement and that will then be grouped under the correct merchant; this will automatically add the logo.

If it is a merchant that is new to Starling:

Selecting the Name/Location improvement will make us correct the Name/Location info as well as add a logo if there is one


Hello @LoganAllan,

Thanks for the comments; I’ve been doing this already; diligently filling in both location / name as well as logo requests. Hence why I’m confused - the logos are resolved but the vendor names aren’t.


Hi @Mike_Chorlton

Can you quickly check the Park Guell one - I believe that one has been sorted.

Can you tell me what the other 2 should be please?


What I will say is that when the names are eventually modified, they’re often missing apostrophes. On several occasions my suggested modifications have be changed but sometimes for the worse - like a school kid has spelt them. If we’re gonna change them, then let’s do it right.

Current example that’s been reported several times and still not fixed, “Carraghers” it’s “Carragher’s”