Merchant double charge


It appears I have been charged twice by a merchant at exactly the same time this morning and for the same cost a payment was taken for them. Pulse spending insights etc. All show the separate payment. Do I take this up with the merchant or Starling?


I’d talk to CS first and see what they say


Hi Matthew! Get in touch with our customer service team so we can get this resolved for you :blush:


What sort of merchant is it? This seems to be a feature of some where they do a pre-auth then take the real amount and the pre-auth hangs around until it clears. Petrol stations and restaurants in the US frequently do this.


Hi it’s asda, they did a pre auth of 1p but then did 2 other payments of the actual amount from speaking with CS they’ve said the payments are pending and to check with them, I’m going there tonight to pick up the goods so I’ll speak with them about it


I am having this regularly from one merchant - every so often they take one correct payment, then I have 3-5 more transactions of the same amount pending for a week, then released! Starling say its the merchant, the merchant says its starling! :tired_face::tired_face:


Thanks for the info


Sounds like there’s some delay in getting the auth response so it tries again.


So customer service at asda were no use. Because I used click and collect online I need to contact them all I’ll ring them tomorrow


I had this last week with a Sainsbury’s payment. Happened in the evening (when I actually went) then had another charge for the same amount the next morning. Customer Service sorted it out for me, but it took about a week to reverse.


I have now contacted asda customer care and they assure me they have only taken 1 payment. Should I contact starling C S again or just wait to see if it corrects itself in a few days?


If it is just an authorisation (i.e. the duplicate transaction is showing as ‘Pending’ in app), and as long as you don’t need the money immediately that has been authorised, I would wait as the authorisation will likely expire in a few days.

But if both transactions have been settled (i.e. there’s no mention of ‘Pending’ on the transaction detail screens), you’ll need to talk to CS for some help and advice, and/or the retailer for a refund.


Great thank you, 1 is pending and the other is actual so I’ll hang on. Thanks to all who have provided input


Just to close the loop on this one today the payment was reversed :heavy_check_mark:


I’m currently in the process of trying to obtain a refund on a duplicate transaction by a merchant. Unfortunately this was a purchase made whilst on holiday in Orlando, USA.

Originally purchased some clothing from a store with the value of $31.42 (£23.94) on 13 August 2017. At the time the Applepay was rejected so the store had to phone for authorisation. They did say they were having card issues that day, so didn’t think anything of it. After the phone call the amount became pending on my account.

When I returned from holiday, the pending transaction was reversed and the money appeared back in my balance. Wondered if they’d messed up somehow and maybe I got away without being charged.

That was until eight weeks later, when on 9 October the amount was eventually taken from my account. End of, or so I thought.

On 31 October an identical amount from the store has been taken again :frowning:

I’ve contacted Starling support and provided photo’s of my original receipt (fortunately I kept) for investigation. Only last week I got a reply saying “Please could you contact the merchant and request a refund via them.” :open_mouth:

Is it really up to the account holder to chase up duplicate charges made by a merchant? Surely this is a fault between the merchant / Mastercard and Starling. How is it even possible for an identical transaction number and authorisation code to be taken twice? What would stop any merchant doing this repeatedly each month.

As it happens, I’ve managed to get an email address for the store, but have yet to get any reply. I’ll give it another week and then had it back to Starling.


If it’s clearly a duplicate transaction, then no - the onus is not on you to resolve the situation - and even less so when the transaction took place in a country that you were not currently in. I would suggest you request customer services to begin a ‘chargeback’ - that’s what the MasterCard scheme is there for.


I finally got an update email from the store in Orlando saying:

“Our sales audit team did confirm with us that you were double charged. We will be crediting you back for the total amount on your receipt. Please allow 5-7 business days for your credit.”

So looks like this is soon to be resolved :smiley:

Disappointed that I had to chase this up myself and concerned that a single transaction can be presented and taken twice. :worried: