Member influenced suggested goals


An idea could be to have suggested goals we could select to get us started. The idea being that we share our saving experiences as goals to inspire others. For instance, I’m saving £1 every day as an automatic payment into goals (small enough that I don’t notice it) and I’m also manually rounding up and transferring any remaining balance before payday. I could just put £30 in once a month but psychologically seeing an increase every time I log in it feels like I’m getting somewhere. The minimum I’ll save each year is £365 but more likely to be much more. This could be known as a £1 regular saver goal with the schedule all set up but also include a member story and image. I’m sure people have lots of different ways starling has helped them save so it would be nice to share them and inspire others.


Also a really nice idea - keep the coming. I like the idea of taking something that has worked for some customers and making it really easy for new users or those who need a bit more help to start adopting.


I’m doing exactly this. Putting £1 into a goal called Spare and another £1 in an Xmas fund! it’s nice when you log in and pop to goals and get a nice surprise because you forgot you were saving!

Just for context my mate and I came up with the concept of spare when we were younger in that if you buy something for £10 but expected it to cost £15 then you have £5 spare to spend on less sensible things like ale and…well mainly ale!


As has been asked previously- I would like a round up/save the change rule where if I spend say, £3.60, 40p would go into a goal. “Round up the Pound” :wink: