Mastercard Securecode


Any plans to support it for online transactions?

When will we get 3D Secure?
3D Secure / Securecode

Yes please. All other banks attempts at alternatives to SecureCode are a pain, and some websites will not let you use a card if it is not signed up to SecureCode


Out of interest, what is mastercard securecode?


SecureCode based on 3D Secure is a way a bank can set up a challenge, such as a password or one time password to authenticate the card holder as the card holder for online/card not present transactions. Hopefully this link will add some more info into how it works. :slight_smile:


similar to Verified by Visa or AmEx SecureKey if you have used those


That’s great thanks Thom. It would be great to have it as a Starling feature.


A “must have” feature in my view


I’ve just had a payment declined because this was missing and had to switch to one of my credit cards :frowning:


I’ve also had to switch to another card as my card was declined because of not having MasterCard SecureCode


I asked this way back when I started using Starling Bank back in May and was told it was being looked into…

Hi Andy, when our offices open next week we’ll look into this as to whether we support MasterCards Securecode system and get back to you with the answer :+1: - RD


Did you get a more useful reply than it was being looked in to?


With this issue, could a fingerprint be used for those that have it? I nearly always forget my secure code from one time to the next as it’s not used that often. If I forget it I just create another, which kind of defeats the object I think.


Nope, that was the extent of the reply…


I don’t think the 3D Secure schemes allow biometrics. You can make of that what you want.

If you have trouble remembering a password then I suggest you invest in a password manager app.


I should do really. Still the whole secure code thing seems a bit outdated. If I forget mine, I just create a new one every time from the ‘forgot your password’ option, so how secure is it really? If it was a serious system surely they should post one out or apply via phone or contact with your bank?

I’m normally good with passwords but 9/10 times secure code comes up saying my bank doesn’t need it for this transaction. That included £300 of holiday cash? Maybe they need a total rethink of the system. Perhaps Starling could lead the way!!


I’m not sure Starling could do much at the moment. To really change behaviour you either have to be a card provider like Visa or MasterCard or have a widely used international OS like Apple or Android.


Personally i arent fussed about this - some banks are already dropping the equivilent ‘verified by visa’. Its just another password to remember - would prefer another solution - like touch id.


Touch ID doesn’t work if you are using a PC.


Perhaps a 2 step verification text or use one of those authentication apps?

The banks I’m sure could find a better alternative if they could be bothered. In this day and age it is very antiquated.


I only want it because there’s quite a few companies that requires MasterCard SecureCode or Verified By VISA! The rent being one, however they could implement it like Virgin Money where it just says “You’re transaction is authenticated” via these schemes without actually needing a password