Mastercard Recurring Payment Cancellation Service


Will Starling be using the Mastercard Recurring Payment Cancellation Service (similar to Visa’s PPCS)?


Hi, We have looked into this last year. It’s certainly something I like the idea of so when the time is right we might. (But no commitment just yet!)


What’s this?


Good question! I think @MIROW will be able to provide more detail but it’s a service that Mastercard provide to allow MasterCard card holders to cancel recurring card payments which they no longer want to pay. This is for use where you have your card ‘on-file’ with a website, app or service. The benefit to you will be that if we show you in app the recurring card payments that you make, you will be able to more easily manage those recurring card payments from one place… and cancel that subscription you’d forgotten about !


I really like this. This would be really useful to have in the app. For example, I could cancel my Netflix payment via the app rather then with them.


That’s the idea. But naturally as it’s not our own service there are costs to using the service for us and so it becomes a viable option for us when we see our customers are using their cards for recurring payments and there is a lot of need for the service.


Makes sense. I had no idea about this, so it’s good to know. Cheers.


Sorry I did not reply earlier as I was out. @sarah.guha kindly replied and basically said exactly what I would have said when explaining it :slight_smile: thanks


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