Mastercard chargeback procedure


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I’ve never had an account with a MasterCard debit card before - but my understanding is that the chargeback procedure is both slower and more onerous than the process using Visa.

Is there a guideline/commentary on how a MasterCard chargeback would work?


From my experience they are both relatively similar in times they take. They both either include a phone call to your bank and depending on the bank depends on what they expect you to do, for example barclays send you a form you fill in, where as Yorkshire fill in the form on the phone and send you a copy to sign, Yorkshire who issue Mastercard Debit cards in my experience take slightly less time than Barclays who issue Visa Debit cards, but I’m talking a week or so not a major time frame.

Mastercard itself has different time frames in which you can lodge a chargeback, that depends on the bank and other factors, but the timeframe is no different to Visa in the UK both are 120 days.