Marketplace tab


Are there any plans to add the marketplace to its own tab on the main screen? I check my marketplace balances quite a lot and it’s a bit faffy going through the menus to get to it


Great idea. I also think it takes quite a bit of digging to get there. Maybe a Marketplace button to the top left hand side of the Pulse screen to balance out the account button to the right.


Personally I would swap the card button for the marketplace button as I never use the card button and can only envisage using it if I were to lose my card. Appreciate other people may use it more then I do though! Having it too right could work - just to have quick access from the main screen would be great


Card button is very useful. I use it really often to make online purchases. Do not swap it with market :rage:


I think the card button is safe!! Just my personal experience which I know will be different for other people - I see how that button is useful


Maybe user defined menu bar? Have the option of choosing which 5 buttons are on the bar.


Works for me!!!


Great suggestion @avian946


Great idea. A user-defined menu bar has always been on my wish list.

Personally, as I don’t use Pulse or Goals, I would have:

  • Pay
  • Spending
  • Card
  • Customer Service
  • some kind of transaction search (on the roadmap if I recall)


Great idea folks - I’ll share this one with our Product team! :slight_smile: