Marketplace stuck on flux page


When I link to flux via the marketplace it stays on this screen and I cant get back to the main marketplace page. The only way to do that is to unlink flux. I’ve only had this issue in the last day. The only thing I’ve done recently is link my account to yolt. A reinstall has made no difference. I’ve unlinked flux for now.


Hello Ryan :wave:

Thanks for sharing this on the community; we also have an open ticket for you in-app on this issue; we’re looking into what might be happening. We’ll keep you updated! :slightly_smiling_face:


Mine has been like that since I linked Flux a few weeks ago! I thought it was because Flux was all that was available for Android right now.


No I don’t think this is meant to happen because when I first linked to flux I could still get back to the main market place page. It’s only In the last few days it’s been stuck.

Maybe you’re right though, I just presumed that wasn’t right.


It’s always been like that. As @dactiume said, I think it’s just because they’re three only partner but maybe I’ve aimed too much.


I’ve been stuck on it too, ever since adding Flux when it first come out. Much like others I assumed this was just as it’s the only available partner currently in the Marketplace.


I just presumed it was a bug but clearly not :thinking: Customer services never told me that it was just meant to be like that at the moment.


Same, mine has been stuck like that since I linked Flux.


Thanks for flagging to us. We’ll make sure the team correct this next week - you should be able to browse the rest of the marketplace, although currently Flux is the only part we available and the other categories will be greyed out for now.


Ahhh I didn’t realise this was a big and not by design. Mine has done this aswell should I also raise a support ticket or shall I just wait for the bug update?


There’s no need to raise a support ticket. They’re aware of the issue and working on a fix. It’s not a serious issue so probably low on the priority list.