Marketplace idea: Wills


Hey guys, I’m back with out there idea - wills.

It feels like a taboo thing to talk about wills. So if this is too darker thought to start your morning - here is a picture of the Power Rangers to kick you back to the 90s.

So back to the point - it feels like the marketplace is trying provide a more holistic approach to personal finance which is great! New legislation is supposedly being considered to introduce/allow electronic wills:


I was wondering if there was a market opportunity to improve the way banks and wills relate to each other. A simple google search will surface horror stories. Whilst there are online will services (just to name a few results from google):

So my question - is a connected solution possible between Starling and whoever holds your will - to help streamline the process of distributing finances after death. The link doesn’t need to be complex and might ideally enable starling to know basic details of the will:

  • Version of the will - to ensure it’s the most recent
  • Who is the executor of the will - to ensure the executor can gain access to the account for the purposes put forward in the will

I’m open to other ideas, but a holistic approach to finance ought to include end of life stuff. Otherwise have a great weekend Starlingers!


Wills seem to be a taboo no reason why though.

I know a few places that do wills that store it electronically, in fact if you have a will you can upload it to Barclays and its always there. Adapting that to more than just storing is a good idea.