Marketplace - A new category on the Starling Community! 👌


As you know, it’s been a big week for us here at Starling! On Tuesday, we launched the Starling Marketplace within our app with our first integrated partner, Flux! :ok_hand:

That’s a pretty big milestone for us in our mission to revolutionise banking. So, now the Marketplace is live in-app, we thought it deserved it’s own place in the community. Here it is! A space to discuss integrations with our partners, suggest new ones and stay updated on Marketplace.:raised_hands:

You may also see staff from organisations in our marketplace on here too, they’re marked with a new “Marketplace Partner” badge. :sunglasses:


I noticed the badge on @matty :smile:


Good spot @Joe_Merriman ! :wink:

I feel like this category was the missing puzzle peice from our community! :smiley:




Thanks, loving the badge! :grin:


Love the badge @matty and great idea @JamesPratley


I noticed that there was a section for credit scores in the Markeplace section. Maybe you could have some sort of partnership with someone like ClearScore for example?


+1 for that, would be really good to have a transparent ClearScore (or equivalent) integration where you can see your credit score with just one click without having to manually fill out your personal information (Starling already has it and can pass it on to the credit bureau automatically).


I like this a lot!


I like this idea although use clear score app already I must confess.


Good idea.

I use the ClearScore app as well but it would be nice to have it integrated.


Awesome idea @Liam_Emanuel! Create a new topic for this :smiley: